Tea Evenings


Together with the tea sommeliers of TeeGschwendner Bayreuth we create for and with you a fusion of tea tasting including lecture and of course painting ceramics!


Save the Dates! (Reservation via Mail)

We sit comfortably together, sipping delicious teas, while the tea sommeliers of TeeGschwendner provide us with interesting information and anecdotes. 

Afterwards everyone paints a wonderful piece of ceramic under guidance to take home. 

A tea evening with us takes about 3.5 hours. Afterwards we glaze your ready painted bisques and fire them, so that you can pick them up after about a week.

From our flyer on the left you can find the mottoes of the individual evenings. The price for a tea evening is between 35 and 40 EUR (depends on the bisque).

Further information will follow.

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