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What is a homebox?

With a homebox you get everything you need for painting at home: ceramics, paints and brushes as well as a few accessories and instructions. And you can paint in peace at home!

By the way: the colors are food-safe, water-soluble and super easy to wash off!

How does it work?

You order blanks and colors online from us in the shop and come to the shop on the next pick-up day. There you pay the blanks and a small deposit for the paints and brushes. Then you paint your things at home in peace and quiet (within a week). After we have received the box and its contents back, your deposit will be returned and you can pick up your burnt items after about a week.


Pick-up and drop-off days: Monday and Wednesday 4-6 p.m.,

Saturday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.



Additional services

Plotting: For a small fee, we will be happy to plot logos or other images for you. With the foil you can mask off ceramic and paint over the areas. Then the logo appears in glossy white or you can paint it in.

Techniques for painting at home

We are currently preparing illustrated instructions for various techniques for you. This will be linked here in the next few days.

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